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Vacancy: River walks for water stewardship in the Danube Basin

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An exciting opportunity has presented itself for a relevant consultant or organisation in the field of environmental science and social engagement to lead the mobilization of people in the Danube Basin via river walks.

The assignment will take place under the direction of DANUBE4all partner Pulsaqua.

Job type: Subcontract

Budget: up to sum €60,000 excl. VAT

Location: Remote

Timeline to carry out and deliver the work:  March 10, 2024 – June 2027

Reporting to: Sandra de Vries and Camille Janssen, Pulsaqua

Deadline for application: Feb 29, 2024

Citizen science research and consultancy Pulsaqua is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Pulsaqua leads the consortium of DANUBE4all partners that are working on community engagement and citizen-science projects. Pulsaqua advises on implementation of citizen science to solve water, environmental and climate adaptation issues.

DANUBE4all is a 5-year Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. The project aims to restore freshwater ecosystems in the Danube River Basin through the development of a comprehensive, scientifically based and practically orientated Restoration Action Plan. The project seeks to address knowledge gaps, raise awareness, and engage the participation of local people and business actors in the implementation of freshwater ecosystem restoration. Therefore, DANUBE4all is an unprecedented co-creation process between scientists, researchers, SMEs, investors, public bodies, policymakers, and local communities.

Assignment description

The successful applicant will lead the development and roll out of river walks to increase water citizen stewardship in the Danube basin. Further aims of this assignment is to support the establishment of a sustainable citizen science related water quality measurements network and develop a River Action Guidebook.


The study is to be carried out in English language, but the results might need to consider the local languages along the Danube. The applicants will be evaluated by an evaluation committee formed by internal experts on the topic.


The aim is that the activities will create inclusive action with empowered local communities in the Danube River Basin (DRB) including actions for social and economic transitions towards sustainable inclusive and long-term management of the restored ecosystems through public mobilization and engagement. A successful roll out of the river walks should help mobilize people to care for water quality and river morphology and reinforce emotional bonds across the DRB.

The successful applicant will do this in tight cooperation with the involved partners in the project, which are PULSAQUA, DANUBEPARKS, GWP CEE, FVB-IGB, WFMF, IMSI, WWF Romania, GEOECOMAR, to ensure a good input for the T5.3 activities as described in the Danube4all Grant agreement.


For the riverwalks, the ‘Drinkable Rivers’ approach should be utilized. 700 km of the Danube River will be covered by foot including the Danube Delta demonstration site. Measurements of water quality and ecological key factors as river morphology will be taken and shared, involving citizens, kicking-off further citizen contributions Local communities will be empowered to form a group of volunteers to undertake continued CS research.

Terms of Reference

We look for a consultant/organization showing a track record to engage both with children, farmers, and decision makers. We hope to partner with someone who can switch between the content relevant for Danube4all (on nature based solutions, ecological health, etc.) as well as who has experience with citizen engagement and building a movement of river stewardship.

The consultant/organisation should have:

  • Experience with riverwalks and mobilizing people along the way.

  • The responsible person has affinity and proven experience with engaging, mobilizing and attracting people's attention.

  • The responsible person can showcase a good plan on how water stewardship will be increased via the activities.

  • The responsible person is familiar with the Drinkable Rivers approach and the citizen science program it offers.

  • Experience in working internationally and preferably in Romania and with Romanian organizations is an advantage.

Expected deliverables are:

  1. A plan and promotion for the river walk – deadline is August/September 2024.

  2. A river walk along the Danube, in the Danube Delta, at the end of September and start of October, that includes the Danube Delta demonstration site of Danube4all.

  3. Water quality measurements taken along the river, together with inhabitants, stakeholders, and other (technical) actors, in a citizen science manner, where the data set collected is shared.

  4. Lead the creation of A River Action Guidebook, in consultation and collaboration with the involved Danube4all partners, the offers from applicants may give a proposal of how they aim to do lead this and what their role will entail - deadline is April 2026

  5. Guidance for other people to start doing a river walk to mobilise people and increase water stewardship. This guidance should be given via instruction video’s, webinars, manuals and more. Guidance is given to at least 5 different individuals or groups to organise a river walk. Deadline for this is June 2027.

How to apply*

To apply for the open vacancy, interested individuals or organizations should submit a comprehensive email to

The email should outline the proposed structure of the study (attending to the Terms of Reference), detailing the methodologies and approaches you intend to employ for the project. It is crucial to clearly articulate how the assignment will be carried out and developed, aligning with the objectives outlined in the position overview. The timeline for the proposed study should be explicitly presented, taking into consideration the deadlines specified in the position overview.

Additionally, applicants should provide references or something that demonstrates their expertise and experience in similar projects. In the case of organizations applying, they may include the CVs of their nominated experts. Finally, the email should include a transparent and competitive pricing proposal for the consultancy services.

Deadline for application submissions is February 29, 2024

*Please note that project partners of the Danube4all consortium are not eligible to apply for this assignment

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