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Demonstration Sites

Project Demonstration Sites

The primary research objectives of DANUBE4all i.e., the evaluation, co-creation and implemention of Win2 NBS* opportunities and solutions for the Danube River Basin, will be achieved primarily through research and analyses conducted in three, carefully selected Demonstration Sites

These three sites, indicated below, provide the research platform upon which the development of scientific, nature-based measures and actions, such as those aimed at restoring river connectivity and ecosystem synergies, and improving biodiversity, will be based. It is intended that the research outcomes and associated measures will be upscaled and transfered throughout the river basin to benefit a range of sites, including the ten specified Synergy Sites indicated.


Furthermore, the successful development of Replication Roadmaps for a list of Associated Regions will further ensure the successful spread of knowledge and best practice by various stakeholder to the region as a whole. 


Research conducted at the Demonstration Sites will also support the development of nature-based approaches to river restoration from an economic perspective, with research outcomes in this area forming the basis of business case studies which will detail recommended pathways to successful economic implementations throughout the region. 

*"Win-Win"Nature Based Solutions


Where are we working?

Partner country outside basin

Danube Basin boundary

Riparian partner country

Demonstration site

Danube River

Basin partner country

Synergy Site

Main Tributaries

Potential country for Associated Region


       Demonstration Sites

I.      Upper Danube, Austria

II.     Middle Danube, Hungary

III.    Danube Delta Biosphere


        Synergy Sites

1.     EU LIFE river restoration

        project on the Isar

2.     Kamniška Bistrica River

3.     WiseDrava LIFE project & nature 

        conservation on the River Drava

4.     Morava River

5.     Bereg - Upper Tisza River

6.     Semi-wide Danube floodplain

        around Belgrade

7.     Obergottesfled, Drava River

8.     Biberach, Rißbach

9.     Srebarna Lake

10.   Iron Gate Dam

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Demonstration Sites

donau auen.jpg
Demonstration Site 1

Upper Danube

Our work in the Donau-Auen National Park, a protected stretch of free-flowing river east of Vienna, will focus on restoring natural river dynamics to this floodplain, including river island, and channel restoration. Measures to promote sustainable social and economic use of the park will also be developed. 

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Demonstration Site 2

Middle Danube

Research takes place at the project site at Sződliget, 30 km north of Budapest along the Danube Bend, Work here will focus on the re-dynamization of the river section through ecological groyne optimization - the first implementation in the field in Hungary. DANUBE4all will closely cooperate with the local communities and stakeholders to optimise the final design, strengthening participation before, during and after implementation of the measures. 

Demonstration Site 3

Danube Delta

Work in our third project site will focus on A framework will be created of best practice in restoration of delta-sea systems leading to “Reconnecting the river to the sea”. This will be through a technical design study for the implementation for re-opening of the Portita Inlet, improved communication between all parts of the lagoon system and connection to the Sf. Gheorghe Arm.

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