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Associated Regions

Following a public call and promotional campaigh in 2023, DANUBE4all selected five regional authorities/organisations across Europe to take part in the project as Associated Regions.


This status affords these selected organisations the opportunity to access our expertise, knowledge and tools to develop their own roadmap, plan, or project to restore a freshwater ecosystems in their region, supported by €100,000 in grant funding.

Projects were awarded on the 11th October 2023. All Projects run from 1 January 2024 until 30 September 2026.


Our five Associated Region projects are:


  • Jindřichův Hradec Municpal Authority, Czech Republic

  • District Council Cahul, Moldova

  • Kujawsko-Pomorskie Regional Public Authority, Poland

  • MARE-FCUL Seixal Municipality, Portugal

  • Seyhan Municipality, Turkey

We believe that by working together we can achieve our shared goal of restoring freshwater ecosystems and promoting sustainability across Europe.


Image by Butuza Gabi

DANUBE4all aims to enhance the free-flowing status of rivers and floodplains, reduce flood and drought risks, and improve sediment and biota continuity through a variety of integrated measures. 

In addition to research activities at our three Demonstration Sites, the project will also provide GIS and Citizen Science tools for upscaling restoration actions via ten Synergy Sites and transfer outcomes to five Associated Regions by developing Replication Roadmaps for Restoration Action.

Funded Activities

  • Revitalisation of ecological systems

  • Ecosystem monitoring and restoration

  • Nature base solutions restoration measures

  • Reconnection of floodplains

  • River connectivity, river-sea reconnection

  • River dynamics improvement

  • Sediment management

  • Litter clean up in rivers and connecting ecosystems

  • Citizens involvement


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