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About Our Work

Danube Basin
Restoration Action Plan

The DBRAP will form an important basis for the next update of the Danube and National River Basin Management Plans (DRBMPs), as well as the Danube Flood Risk Management Plans (DFRMPs) and the future National Restoration Plans.

The overarching ambition of DANUBE4all is the development of a strategic Danube Basin Restoration Action Plan (DBRAP).

This plan will be scientifically based, practically orientated, and will be the result of a unique scientific, social and economic based  collaboration that aims to integrate the following objectives:

  • Ecological status and biodiversity improvement and ecosystem connectivity

  • Flood and drought risk reduction

  • Enhancement of sediment continuity

  • Economic interests

  • Inhabitants’ interests and Citizen Science 

Thus, DANUBE4all seeks to integrate action on these environmental concerns with social and economic wellbeing; embracing a science-to-people approach that actively integrates public interests and empowers all Danube stakeholders.

The success of basin-wide fresh and transitional water restoration programmes is strongly dependent on the involvement of citizens, local communities, businesses and other stakeholders, such as public bodies and policy makers. 

Restoration Action Plan

Environmental | Social | Economic Synergies

Interaction Diagram.png

The Action Plan will...

Be informed by scientific testing in
3 project Demonstration Sites and by knowledge exchange in 10 project Synergy Sites 
Give a vision for upscaling restoration to the whole Danube River Basin
Give a vision for upscaling restoration to the whole Danube River Basin
Inspire replication of restoration solutions in project Associated Regions
tamara-bitter-oiHX93iQzns-unsplash (1).jpg

Year 1 of the project will focus on the co-design of a catalogue of action options by expert groups, aimed at restoring connectivity in the Danube River Basin. 


The first of our multi-actor forums will be held at the end of the year, part of a suite of actions comprising our stakeholder engagement and communication objectives. 


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