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Young students in Serbia explore aquatic life under the lens!


A large part of what we do at DANUBE4all is dedicated to outreach and education. With this in mind, researchers from the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research (IMSI) – University in Belgrade recently organised a wonderful, hour-long workshop at Danilo Kiš Primary School, Belgrade, for fourth-grade students (ages 9 to 10). Students had the opportunity to learn about the Danube River, explore the objectives of our work at DANUBE4all project, and understand its significance in an age appropriate context.

The students enjoyed a brief presentation of the importance of the Danube River, after which they were presented with specimens of the organisms that live in its waters. This was a fantastic opportunity to observe tiny crustaceans under a microscope and see some of the living world that makes up the Danube's aquatic ecosystem!

Photos courtesy of IMSI

Students were also introduced to the most common pollutants through various workshops and experiments. The demonstrations were set in the context of the importance of the Danube River and the challenges it faces. Sharing our work in this way helps towards greater understanding among young generations of their connection to their natural surroundings and the importance of protecting them. 

Photos courtesy of IMSI

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