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What do you think about the Danube?

A short survey to give your opinon on how best to protect the Danube River and its wild islands!

Palets island, BG © DANUBEPARKS/Persina NP/Ivanov WILDislands

Our Partners at Danube Parks have produced a questionnaire (linked below) as part of the LIFE WILDisland project. The survey is a unique study designed to consider and compare the attitudes and opinions of people living in or visiting the Danube Region, with at least 8 countries along the river included.

This important information will also help inform our work at DANUBE4all, especially in helping our researchers understand how the public percieves wilderness, how often people visit the Danube, and how much they support investments in nature restoration, among other environmental protections.

The survey is available in the following languages:

Grab a coffee, click through the link and help us to better design and communicate our activities for river and island protection in the Danube Region!

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