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Make your own Secchi Disk!

In our recent citizen science field report, student Alice Demoulder introduced the Secchi Disk i.e., an analogue methodology for measuring water turbitidy (the clarity and cleanliness of water).

The Secchi Disk was invented in 1865 by Italien priest and astronomer Angelo Secchi. The device comprises an 8-inch diameter disk with 4 quarters, alternating between black and white. The disk is lowered into the water until it can no longer be seen from the surface. The point at which the disk is no longer visible provides a measurement for the water clarity. Data is recorded and collected in a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Check out this instruction video featuring our Citizen Science lead Sandra de Vries of Pulsaqua. The video is in Dutch - just click through the subtitle options for your relevant language!

Video copyright Drinkable Rivers

Make your own...

Become your own citizen scientist by following these instructions to create your very own Secchi disk!

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