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Field study visit to Paradeis Island

Our project team at viadonau, the Austrian waterway management company, recently undertook a planning visit to 'Paradeis Insel' or Paradise Island, one of DANUBE4all's Demonstration Sites on the Upper Danube where river revitalisation measures will be taking place.

The visit was a deep-dive into the site to get a closer look at the current situation. This involved gaining an understanding of the current status of river bank-reinforcement, groynes and inflow sections to the side arm-system, as well as mapping current sedimentation and silting patterns.

The results will contribute essential knowledge to the planning of technical activities on the site and will be an important starting point in planning engagement with local stakeholders, who will be involved in discussions on the wider context of the ecologically important wetlands surrounding the research site.

We look forward to continued progress at our first Demonstration Site!

Above: Colleagues from viadonau on a recent site visit to Paradeis Island at Donau-Auen National Park, located east of Vienna, Austria. The Donau-Auen National Park preserves the last great floodplain landscape in Central Europe on an area of more than 9,600 hectares.

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