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DANUBE4all Project Boosts Collaboration and Synergies at EcoDaLLi Living Labs

The DANUBE4all project has been actively engaged in the vibrant community of the EcoDaLLi Living Labs, showcasing the progress of several activities and fostering collaboration across the Danube region. The project recently participated in two significant events held in May in Tulcea, Romania, and in June in Osijek, Croatia, with a forthcoming event scheduled in Ulm, Germany in July.

The participation in these Living Labs has been crucial in advancing DANUBE4all's objectives of promoting river restoration in the Danube River Basin. These events provided a platform to present ongoing activities, disseminate project outcomes, and build synergies with other Danube Lighthouse projects, EU institutions, and relevant regional initiatives.

At the Tulcea event in May, Helmut Habersack (BOKU) delivered a comprehensive overview of the DANUBE4all project, highlighting its goals and achievements. Christian Ferrarin (CNR-ISMAR) shared insights from the hydrodynamic model of the Danube Delta, emphasizing the project's scientific contributions. Primoz Skrt (GWP CEE) contributed by discussing biodiversity aspects related to river restoration, focusing on fish species and integrating citizen science and art into these very scientific topics.

Photos courtesy of GWP CEE

The subsequent event in Osijek, Croatia, in June featured Matej Marusic (DANUBEPARKS) presenting activities from DANUBE4all's demonstration sites, particularly addressing climate change resilience strategies. DANUBE4all's reseach (demonstration) sites in Austria, Hungary, and Romania are crucial for testing and implementing river restoration techniques. These sites serve as practical examples of how to mitigate the impacts of climate change, enhance biodiversity, and improve water management practices in the Danube River Basin. 

Photos courtesy of GWP CEE

The active participation and presentations at these events garnered significant attention, with over 250 stakeholders in attendance.

Reflecting on these engagements, DANUBE4all expressed gratitude to EcoDaLLi for facilitating opportunities to promote collaboration among the five Danube Lighthouse projects, including Restore4Life, DALIA and DaWetRest in addition to DANUBE4all. These collaborations are pivotal in addressing our shared challenges and advancing sustainable practices across the Danube region. Collaboration and synergies are further strengthened by other activities such as task forces among Danube Lighthouse projects where DANUBE4all actively participates and contributes.

Looking ahead, DANUBE4all eagerly anticipates the next EcoDaLLi Living Lab event in Ulm, Germany. The project is committed to leveraging these platforms to further enhance its impact and contribute to the collective efforts aimed at preserving and restoring the ecological integrity of the Danube River Basin.

We are looking forward to future activities and collaborations!

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